The Data Center Security Market is Exploding – and It’s Crucial to Have the Right Protection in Place

October 17, 2019

The news is filled with stories of ever-more serious data breach incidents, and it doesn’t seem like it will get better anytime soon. As recently as the beginning of September 2019 there was a breach that is currently being investigated by the U.S Secret Service involving over 20 government agencies ranging from the National Institute of Health to the US Military. The private sector hasn’t fared any better, with August seeing a variety of major breaches including that of Capital One, First American Financial Corp, the HyVee supermarket chain and even global cybersecurity firm Imperva. In the current environment, the data centers of nearly every organization are bound to be targeted by hackers and other bad actors in the digital landscape. It has never been more crucial to have the right data center security protection in place so that you can protect your vital private and proprietary data. More specifically, for data centers, there’s no greater clear and present danger as Insider Threat.  So data center providers must identify the best kind of data center protection that most effectively protects against this type of threat.  So first, identifying the most urgent threat vectors, then making sure the right and most effective security measures are in place to neutralize those threats should be a top priority for data centers operators everywhere.

Technological Advances Are Changing the Digital Security Landscape

At the pace that technology is increasing, it’s no surprise that cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the pace of major cybersecurity failures is accelerating. Some of these attacks were preventable as these egregious incidents have been the result of systems that were in dire need of an existing update both in terms of software and hardware. Some of the organizations affected have also suffered from using general or outdated data center security measures when ones more specific to today’s threat climate were warranted.  However, one area that still lacks attention and is often overlooked is physical IT infrastructure security.  Regardless of how advanced the logical network or endpoint device protections are, it only takes a single disgruntled employee, a high-level system administrator turned rogue, or a malicious saboteur to compromise sensitive customer data or take down a mission critical network.

What You Can Do to Ensure You Have the Right Protection 

Depending upon the number and size of your data center facilities, there may be various points of vulnerability in the IT Infrastructure open to attack. For example, the geographic location of the data center facility or the number of access points may increase the surface area of the attacks. To ensure that you have the level of protection that suits your needs, a full inventory and assessment of the vulnerabilities to the physical IT infrastructure of your data center is warranted.  To this end, the following questions are critical:

  • Do you have real-time monitoring and alerting of potential intrusion attacks?
  • Do you have intelligent software to analyze and correlate incident and intrusion data?
  • Does your current intrusion detection system track the activities around your mission critical infrastructure such as what cabinets are being opened, where someone is standing, or whether someone on the inside is placing a fiber or network tapping device?
  • Is your current infrastructure security system capable of integrating with the other security monitoring systems you have on your network?
  • How many layers of protection for the fiber and other telecom infrastructure do you have between your ISP and data centers?
  • Are you confident in the ability of your data center security systems, be it video surveillance and/or badge access, to respond to and prevent data breaches by insiders who may have unfettered access to your critical infrastructure and assets?  

If you have doubts about the efficacy of your data center security now, imagine how difficult it will be in the next few years as the footprint of data center facilities grow exponentially to keep up with the demand that 5G will bring.  Making sure to future-proof your defenses must start today.

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