Cybersecurity and CNSSI 7003 Compliance Made Easy

October 6, 2020

When it comes to the massive charge of keeping our country and its citizens safe, U.S. agencies face ever-evolving threats. Increasingly, they must protect their organizations from cyberterrorism and attempts to hack their networks.

While cybersecurity is just one aspect of national security, it’s one whose importance is matched only by its difficulty. Implementing cybersecurity solutions that are powerful, cost-effective, and also comply with regulations has been nearly impossible.

The federal government is not alone in managing cybersecurity risks, threats, and challenges, but the stakes involved are unparalleled. Not only is there a high expectation that the U.S. government must protect its citizens, but also the effects of a government breach can spill over into the private sector and last years after an incident, damaging the economy – not to mention public trust. 

With so much at stake, why are current PDS solutions still inadequate?

The Problem With Traditional PDS Solution

the problems that traditional psd solutions have

In short, keeping the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSSI) happy is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. 

The rigorous Periodic Visual Inspections and Testing required to achieve CNSSI 7003 compliance demand heavy manpower. When many government agencies are operating on reduced budgets, staffing during weekends and holidays presents a problem. Getting a response team to an alarm site within the mandatory 15 minutes during off-hours proves even more difficult.

When agencies are able to attain adequate staffing for inspecting and testing their sites, they are still susceptible to the vulnerabilities of human error. Manual inspections can result in inaccuracies on inspection forms and missed red flags. Plus, classified networks are vulnerable every second that inspections are not taking place.

Another problem is that most PDS solutions use encryption. Encryption actually slows down government networks, decreasing productivity. And encryption means nothing when an agency’s physical layer is breached instead of its networks – once hackers have the information, they’ll have unlimited time to decrypt it.

How to Solve the Cybersecurity and Compliance Problem

centerally managed alarmed carrier pds solution for government and military

The stringent regulations requiring constant, costly inspections mean traditional cybersecurity solutions fall short. 

So, what are government agencies to do?

Thankfully, there now exists a more comprehensive solution that is able to provide true risk management by incorporating Layer 1 protection: an Alarmed Carrier Protected Distribution System.

CyberSecure IPS’s Alarmed Carrier PDS solves personnel, maintenance, and budget problems by providing a centrally managed system that automatically and constantly runs surveillance and protects the physical layer of your site.

Through automatic, continual inspections, Alarmed Carrier PDS cuts down your costs over time and eliminates errors. 

Each inspection prompts time-stamped documentation. When an alarm is triggered, notifications are sent out, analyses begin, and data to the alarmed zone is immediately disabled.   

Above all, Alarmed Carrier PDS fulfills the PVI and Testing requirements automatically, resulting in effortless, guaranteed CNSSI 7003 compliance.

Additionally, Alarmed Carrier PDS comes with a real-time dashboard which is accessible remotely.

Bring Easy and Efficient Compliance To Your Site

achieve CNSSI 7003 compliance with ease

As the first U.S. Government-Certified interactive infrastructure monitoring solution, CyberSecure IPS has a proven record with federal clients and their unique needs. 

The unmatched situational awareness provided by CyberSecure IPS’s centrally managed Alarmed Carrier PDS system is a combination of best of breed hardware and software solutions that provide uninterrupted surveillance, smart analysis, and automated responses to any disturbance, allowing you to bolster national security and citizen protection. 

Security shouldn’t come at the cost of innovation. Learn more about the specifics of our compliant, state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution, contact us today.