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Our Products

CyberSecure IPS now offers products to many of the most common challenges facing the Government and Commercial Sectors:

CyberSecure (IMS) Infrastructure Monitoring System™

Our Products

CyberSecure IMS is our comprehensive monitoring and management software that is used to control our suite of hardware controllers and sensors.  

It collects, analyzes, correlates, and displays real-time monitoring statistics based on the severity & duration of all potential intrusion attempts.  A user-friendly interface and executive dashboard allows any organization to be compliant with complex government and commercial industry requirements. CyberSecure IMS is on an open standard platform that allows a seamless rapid entry and simple integration into any existing third party network security system or software CyberSecure IMS comes with our patented Fiber Forensics™ technology, which can allow customers to distinguish between various types of disturbances that occur in the environment.  

Specific to our DoD customers, this system produces site-specific CNSSI 7003-compliant standard operating procedures, generates a unique case resolution audit trail, simplifies Information Assurance (IA) management and helps all customers pass Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI). 


Our Products

The CyberSecure IPS StopLight™ appliance interfaces with the Alarmed Carrier PDS solution to disable data to fiber optic networks that are under attack. 

Specific to our DoD customers, It also provides automation for CNSSI 7003-required alarm verification testing.

Cyber Sensor Controller™ and Universal Cyber Sensors™

Our Products

The Cyber Sensor and Cyber Sensor Controller are two key components of the Cyber Sensor technology.

This multi-tier system monitors and protects physical infrastructures and assets both inside or outside.  These Cyber Sensors require zero power and come in different models specific to manholes and handholes, any type of physical enclosure, simple door cabinets, as well as floor tiles. 

Interceptor CS™

Our Products

INTERCEPTOR CS is a bundled solution consisting of the INTERCEPTOR and an integrated, customized management system called CyberSecure IMS.

INTERCEPTOR CS centrally monitors and continually automates inspection and Standard Operating Procedures for response to any threat to your classified network infrastructure. It is the most cost-effective method for securing scalable classified network environments while having zero impact on your network bandwidth, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your Voice, Video, and Data investments.

Vanguard CS™

Our Products

VANGUARD CS incorporates an enterprise alarm management software system which enables remote monitoring and management of alarm devices from anywhere in the world.

This provides insight and situational awareness into when or where an intruder is looming, damage is occurring or an outage is impending. In addition, when a problem does ensue, tools are available to quickly identify whether the issue is occurring in the ISP or OSP environment, allowing for quick response. 

Interceptor Focus™

Our Products

INTERCEPTOR FOCUS is a network infrastructure cyber security appliance utilizing state-of-the-art fiber optic sensing technology to provide long-range capability and pinpoint location of any physical disturbance to your classified communications cable, anywhere along the cable, up to 40km in length.

The system continuously monitors the entire cable and pathway to immediately detect and report the most sophisticated intrusion attempts, or even the subtlest tampering, conducted for the purposes of data theft (tapping) or denial of service. Fully integrated with our proprietary CyberSecure IMS™ software platform, the INTERCEPTOR FOCUS solution will centrally monitor and continually automate CNSSI 7003 required inspections and customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for immediate response to any threat to your classified network.

Sentinel Focus™

Our Products

SENTINEL FOCUS can be deployed on any type of security fence to detect Cutting and Climbing, or it can be buried to detect walking or digging.

The Sentinel Focus will immediately alert your physical security forces to the presence of intruders in addition to their exact location, ensuring the safety and security of your facility. At the heart of the solution is the SENTINEL FOCUS Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System. Using advanced fiber optic Sensing technology, SENTINEL FOCUS is always on watch to protect your perimeter by continually monitoring the fiber optic sensor cable for disturbances caused by intruders. The 24/7/365 continuous monitoring allows the system to immediately detect and report the exact location of even the stealthiest of intruders. Sentinel Focus can be easily installed and integrated into your new or existing CCTV or Access Control system to increase your situational awareness and the security stance of your facility. The system is calibrated to provide very high Probability of Detection (PD) and extremely low Nuisance and False Alarm Rates (NAR/FAR). 

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