Eliminate cyber security blind spots and threats with our multi-layered military-compliant solutions.

Compliance without worry

Our software was specifically designed to meet CNSSI 7003 requirements and pass CCRI audits.

Trusted by military and defense clients around the world

The world’s first infrastructure monitoring security solution certified by the U.S. Government, we’re still the global leader trusted to protect critical infrastructure and assets.

Optimize the inspection process

Automate monitoring, cut down on labor, and eradicate human error.

Outside Plant and Inside Plant Security

From perimeter intrusion detection to classified lockbox sensors, we offer a suite of products tailor-made to protect critical government IT infrastructure. We also custom-build solutions for unique needs.

CyberSecure IPS Offers Solutions to Many of the Most Common Government Security Challenges

Our cohesive defense strategies are made possible by bringing together the most innovative products to help defend your mission.

Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS

Perfectly achieves compliance regulations (CNSSI 7003) for secure government communications with our Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS solution.

Manhole Protection System

Deploy real-time protection against copper theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access of manholes and handholes with our Manhole Protection System (MPS) based on our Cyber Sensors™ which requires no electricity to operate in the field.

Classified User Lockbox Monitoring

Ensuring your cleared personnel comply with SIPRNET regulations for GSA Class 5 protection criteria as specified under Federal Specification AA-C-2786 is now easier than ever with our Lockbox Monitoring system.

Long-Haul Alarmed Fiber Monitoring

Use our advanced fiber optic sensing solution to provide long-range capability and pinpoint location of any physical disturbance to your classified communications cable, anywhere along the cable.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution

Use our advanced fiber optic sensing solution to protect your perimeter by continually monitoring the fiber optic sensor cable for disturbances caused by intruders.

Close the ranks on external threats

protect the physical infrastructure safegaurding your classified data