First U.S. Government Certified Interactive Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

We are the world’s first U.S. Government certified secure interactive infrastructure monitoring solution to protect the most critical infrastructures and assets around the globe.

Setting the gold standard for meeting the strictest DoD compliances

CyberSecure IPS was initially started to meet the need for Layer 1 security for secure and classified networks. Our fiber optics based software and solutions quickly became the gold standard for meeting the strictest DoD compliance standards. Now our patented solutions are servicing both the Government and Commercial sectors as we find new ways to apply our technology.

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Our Approach To Cybersecurity

We founded our company in 2013 and have since become industry leaders in cybersecurity by focusing on what others ignore – the physical layer. Our patented products take a holistic approach to defense, integrating hardware and software solutions for true protection. By figuring out how to secure physical infrastructure, monitoring it constantly, and talking to our clients about their needs, we’ve developed deep expertise on the things all things network infrastructures and data centers rely on.

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