What you spend on traditional cyber security is irrelevant when your critical infrastructure is left unprotected.


Security breaches are not only costly - they're likely without proper physical protection. Our data center infrastructure monitoring system delivers peace of mind in an age of constant threats.

The most advanced security solution

Our patented, government-certified security protection delivers military-grade protection in an enterprise-grade package. We offer remote access to your central command center through a real-time dashboard.

Outside Plant and Inside Plant Security

Safeguard your data from external and internal threats with state-of-the-art sensors. Whether you use them together or on their own, we can help you adopt the products necessary to secure your business.

CyberSecure IPS Offers Solutions to Many of the Most Common Commercial Security Challenges

Our cohesive defense strategies are made possible by bringing together the most innovative products to help defend your business.

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Our Data Center Protection Suite provides the most advanced and granular level of situational awareness that go above and beyond traditional data center cyber security measures in place today.

Fiber Pathway Monitoring/Protection

Use the same DoD compliant fiber network security solution for your airport, utility plant, or any other facility and or asset that requires advanced level security.

Long-Haul Alarmed Fiber Monitoring

Use our state-of-the-art advanced fiber optic sensing technology to provide long-range capability and pinpoint the location of any physical disturbance to your communications cables, anywhere along those cables.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution

Use the same Defense grade technology to secure the grounds of your airport or utility plant with our advanced sensing solution.

Manhole Protection System

Protect against copper theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access of manholes and handholes with our Manhole Protection System™ (MPS).

Protect Your Invaluable Assets

Secure the Overlooked Physical Infrastructure Housing Your IT with industry-leading Cyber Security