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Commercial Solutions

CyberSecure IPS now offers products to many of the most common challenges facing the Government and Commercial Sectors:

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Commercial Solutions

Our Data Center Protection Suite provides the most advanced and granular level of situational awareness that go above and beyond traditional data center security measures in place today. 

Leveraging our patented Cyber Sensor technology, we provide 10 layers of protection ranging from monitoring of ISP pathways to cage walls.  Our Cyber Sensors require no electricity to operate, which allows extreme flexibility with installations. Cabinets, subfloors, rooms, doors – virtually any space that requires monitoring can be equipped with a sensor.  Download our datasheet to see how this solution can increase the security value proposition to your customers.

Manhole Protection System

Commercial Solutions

Protect against copper theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access of manholes and handholes with our Manhole Protection System™ (MPS).

The CyberSecure IPS™ Manhole Protection System™ (MPS) was designed to provide real-time monitoring of network infrastructure access points such as manholes and handholes over long distances utilizing zero power fiber optic sensors.  Each sensor can detect open / close conditions, fiber loss, fiber cuts as well as provide the ambient temperature at each sensor location.  The MPS solution offers the highest level of monitoring and protection in the world and is fully integrated with CyberSecure IMS™ to provide immediate dispatching when unauthorized access is detected.

Fiber Pathway Monitoring/Protection

Commercial Solutions

Use the same DoD compliant fiber network security solution for your airport, utility plant, or any other facility and or asset that require advanced level security. 

We can configure our software and hardware to alarm and monitor the fiber pathway of your facility and protect against network tampering or intrusions.  Whether your business is in the Finance sector or Power & Utilities, you can use this solution to prevent against insider threat and/or corporate espionage.   

Visual Indicator for Communication Pathway Intrusion

Commercial Solutions

Whether you’re a Data Center operator or major Telecom provider, you can use our CyberTrace™ visual indicator technology to drastically improve SLAs for downtime.  

Our technology imbeds tiny LED lights to light up a fiber pathway.  With instant visual cues of the actual bundled cabling jacket or conduit that require attention, facility operators can move more quickly to address the issue and ensure operations get back to normal as quickly as possible.  

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution

Commercial Solutions

Use the same Defense grade technology to secure the grounds of your airport or utility plant with our advanced sensing solution.

It can be deployed on any type of security fence to detect Cutting and Climbing, or it can be direct buried to detect walking or digging. Our solution will immediately alert your physical security personnel to the presence of intruders in addition to their exact location, ensuring the safety and security of your facility  

Long-Haul Alarmed Fiber Monitoring

Commercial Solutions

Use our state-of-the-art advanced fiber optic sensing technology to provide long-range capability and pinpoint location of any physical disturbance to your communications cables, anywhere along those cables, up to 50km in length per segment. 

This solution is ideal for large Telco and Data Center operators where downtime to the millisecond is a detriment to business operations and success. 

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