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Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Our data center protection sensors require no electricity to operate, which allows extreme flexibility with installations. Cabinets, subfloors, rooms, doors – virtually any space that requires monitoring can be equipped with a sensor. Deploying a comprehensive sensor network allows us to locate the precise location of the intrusion down to the exact cabinet door. Benefits include:

  • Eliminating the search for a tampered area. Responders and repair technicians can be deployed without delay to the correct location.
  • Providing an alternative to manned security. In-person security patrols can be replaced with CyberSecure’s remotely and centrally managed interface, which provides real-time visual mapping of entire centers.
  • Preventing data theft. Unauthorized access detection helps safeguard critical server areas and prevent stolen data.
  • Reducing interruptions. CyberSecure accurately locates the site and instantly alerts responders if a fiber feed is cut, expediting repairs and minimizing downtime.
  • Avoiding hardline installation. The zero-power sensors completely avoid the labor-intensive installation requirements that electrical systems rely on.

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