New Technology That Eliminates Common Security Blind Spots Presented by CyberSecure IPS at Data Center World

June 2, 2022

The Renowned Cybersecurity Company Brings Decades of Military-Grade Global Defense Expertise to the Commercial Data Center Industry

Austin, Texas, June 2, 2022 — CyberSecure IPS showcased its pioneering cyber-physical security technology at the Data Center World conference in Austin, Texas this spring. The company’s products provide a solution to the critically overlooked areas of physical security in data centers. Its solutions protect critical network infrastructure and access points through sensor-based technology and intelligent software. Overall, it eliminates loops of physical vulnerabilities and offers total visibility to security teams.

Data Center World is the leading global conference for data center digital infrastructure; The event brings together IT professionals, technology business leaders, and innovators who are shaping the future of the industry. 

CyberSecurity IPS introduced its enterprise software solutions to conference attendees by shedding light on the need for holistic data center security, specifically addressing the needs of the commercial sector.

Defense organizations and national governments have long counted on CyberSecurity IPS for its unparalleled cybersecurity products. The company was originally founded to secure encrypted data and build alarming infrastructure for the U.S. government’s Department of Defense and boasts over a decade of securing the most sensitive assets around the world; its flagship data center infrastructure monitoring system (IMS) has been deployed in over 30 countries across 6 continents. 

“After years of delivering software capability to the highest military requirements, we saw a clear gap in the commercial space; today we can now speak to our offerings that address the unique needs of commercial data centers,” said CEO Scott Rye. “By bringing the same level of protection to the commercial market that governments employ, enterprises can attract more customers,” he explained.

Unique to the large-scale enterprise market, the Cybersecure IPS Data Protection Suite offers multiple layers of inside and outside plant security using patented, government-certified protection to prevent costly threats and outages. Enterprises can monitor, analyze, and manage data from various protection systems in a single real-time dashboard.

Building upon its growing reputation in the commercial sector, CyberSecure IPS is adding to its product suite by applying its software engineering expertise to operational needs. “We are looking at products that will improve data center operations beyond cyber-physical security and speaking to much greater efficiency and control yielding significant ROI, especially for the large commercial data center customers,” said Rye.

About CyberSecure IPS

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