CyberSecure IPS Announces Promotion of Director of Customer Services and Engineering

January 13, 2022

Promotion from within marks continued growth

Washington, D.C., January 13, 2022 – CyberSecure IPS is pleased to announce the promotion of James Skala to Director, Engineering Services and Support.

Steve Sohn, CTO, and Co-Founder made the announcement: “James has shown an immense level of initiative and ownership throughout his tenure with our team.  He has excelled in each of his responsibilities and more importantly, has garnered the respect and trust of customers – further promoting the culture and values of the CyberSecure brand.  James is our team lead in solving challenging customer situations and has knocked each engagement out of the park.   Through these examples and many more, he’s gained the growing respect and trust of the CyberSecure Exec team and we want to position him in an area of greater influence.”

The customer onboarding and support function is an important platform for significant ROI and satisfaction for corporate CyberSecure customers.  The integration of the company’s IP solutions within the mission-critical data intelligence and “observability” expertise of large data center networks ensures long-term, repeat customers well beyond initial sales.  Skala will now have responsibility over all initiatives, activities, resources, and scheduling for the Installation and Integration of CyberSecure IPS Products, Customer Support, and Quality Assurance with the main goal of increasing the level of customer delight and success across an ever-growing customer base.

Skala has spent the better part of 2 decades within the Information Technology sector across multiple disciplines, technology platforms, but his specialty is combining SME knowledge within customer interface initiatives.  His posts have spanned highly sensitive environments within the DoD as well as major Fortune 100 companies within the technology and legal fields.

CEO and Co-Founder Scott Rye follows up with the following comments: “James’ tenure with us is consistent with the same values we seek to model as a business along with all of our stakeholders: shared growth and teamwork on the cutting edge of the innovation journey.  There is a heightened sense of purpose because this joint effort provides much-needed security in IT areas that are highly exposed and in need of our innovative solutions.  James’ ability to work so well with people over-complicated technical objectives makes him an ideal fit for this growing part of our business.  Congrats James!”