CyberSecure IPS and Global Netwave Partner To Deliver Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution Worldwide

December 23, 2020

CyberSecure IPS and Global Netwave are pleased to announce their new partnership which brings a new, unrivaled level of cybersecurity to government, research, and education communities around the world.

Global Netwave will offer CyberSecure’s Unified Cyber-Physical Protection suite as a featured part of its overall cybersecurity services, representing new expansion offerings while supporting CyberSecure’s international reach.

Tom Balint, CEO of Global Netwave states, “We are excited to be partnering with CyberSecure IPS as we believe their state-of-the-art security solutions will provide customers significantly improved security options. This also fits with Global Netwave’s goal of providing the best-in-class communications services to our customers.”

Government agencies and the research and education communities, which Global Netwave was formed to serve, require complex, customized, and cost-effective network technologies.

From a position of unique leadership in the cybersecurity industry, CyberSecure’s Unified Cyber-Physical Protection addresses both physical threats and digital dangers to network data for complete protection. This partnership with Global Netwave will provide a pathway to expand the UCP product reach across five continents and serve a new market of clients who can benefit from its patented protection suite.

Scott Rye, CEO and Co-founder of CyberSecure IPS, states, “Global Netwave is a full service data network services and solutions company with international reach serving key customers in our target government space as well as new territory for us in the Education and Research sector. There is so much opportunity and latent demand for our UCP framework in telecom and data centers; we are excited to work with Tom and his Global Netwave team.”


About Global Netwave
Global Netwave, LLC is an award winning IT company founded in 2009 due to overwhelming demand from government agencies and the research & education (R&E) community for leading edge data networking technologies. Global Netwave specializes in building high-speed fiber optic data networks, including DWDM, PON and Wi-Fi networks. Visit us at

About CyberSecure IPS
We are the global leader in Unified Cyber-Physical ProtectionTM (UCP) solutions. We secure the most vulnerable yet overlooked areas of cyber security: attacks of physical network infrastructures and theft of critical network assets. Learn more at

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