CyberSecure IPS and Global Com Partner Together to Build and Protect Critical IT Infrastructure

September 2, 2019

Washington, D.C., September 2, 2019 – CyberSecure IPS ( and Global Com ( announce the opening of a shared Critical Infrastructure Protection Innovation Lab.  This lab will be located at the headquarters of Global Com in the Northern Virginia Technology corridor as part of a greater strategic go-to-market alliance.

The alliance between the two companies enables government and civilian customers to execute full, life-cycle requirements that begin with the development of physical layer IT solutions and end with the best-in-class Cyber-Physical solution set currently offered by CyberSecure IPS.  This 300-SF demonstration center will house components of CyberSecure’s Unified Cyber-Physical ProtectionTM (UCP) Solutions reflecting the latest standards in Physical Infrastructure protection.  Global Com’s hosting of this center reinforces its role as a premium-quality contractor providing network infrastructure services to government and civilian agencies for over 20 years.

“I have known the principals of Global Com for well over 10 years.  Their deep knowledge of the build-out requirements for the physical layers of IT communications, along with their proven relationships and track record with major customers, made for an easy decision in selecting them as a preferred partner,” says Scott Rye, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberSecure IPS.

Greg Bramham, VP for Global Com, also adds: “Our business is about bringing solutions to our critical portfolio of customers.  I have been impressed watching CyberSecure establish a clear leadership role in the standards of Cyber-Physical protection with their foundational IMS enterprise software.  We believe together, we can provide a clear path out of many of the security problems facing our customers.  A Win/Win is clearly at hand with this partnership.”



About Global Com

Global Com was founded in September of 1996. Our main operations center is in Sterling, Virginia and our government relations office is in Arlington, VA. We are a premium-quality contractor that has been providing network infrastructure services to government and civilian agencies for more than two decades. Our engineers are highly skilled, maintain multiple industry certifications, and have the clearance levels required of government contracts. Global Com understands the smart building technologies that improved network security, support IoT, optimize the worker environment, streamline facility management, and drive sustainable practices into facility operations.  We deliver those solutions to our customers every day.

About CyberSecure IPS

We are the global leader in Unified Cyber-Physical ProtectionTM (UCP) solutions. We secure the most vulnerable yet overlooked areas of cyber security: attacks of physical network infrastructures and theft of critical network assets.

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