Biggest Threat Facing Data Centers Revealed During Interview at Data Center World by Cybersecure CEO

June 7, 2022

Scott Rye Leads Conversation on “Missing Link” in Cybersecurity

Austin, Texas, June 7th, 2022 — During an interview in Austin at the leading global data center conference, CyberSecure IPS founder and CEO Scott Rye shared his thoughts on protecting against the increasing problem of bad actors targeting and threatening critical infrastructures. The interview also revealed the company’s ground-breaking monitoring solution; a next-generation step relative to legacy platforms familiar to the Data Center World audience.

As a result of CyberSecure IPS’ leadership in cyber-physical security, Rye spoke to Alan Howard, Principal Analyst at Omdia’s Cloud & Data Center, further reinforcing the company’s first-time exhibit for the commercial sector of the data center community. 

“Having the opportunity to share information about our unique data protection systems with one of the most well-known and respected experts in the field was a definite highlight of the conference,” Rye said.

During the interview, Rye revealed what he believes to be the biggest threat to data center security: physical vulnerability. He explained that the “missing link” in cybersecurity is the monitoring of critical physical infrastructure.

While system hacking through software can cripple systems, Rye explained, even more damage can be caused simply by cutting the connection to the data center. Damage to infrastructure is even more dangerous than a digital hack because it needs to be repaired physically; it causes an outage during which no communication can take place. “When you stop someone from communicating, they are vulnerable,” Rye said.

CyberSecurity IPS focuses precisely on protecting critical infrastructure. After originating its software work exclusively with the Department of Defense and other 3-letter government organizations requiring the utmost in security standards, CyberSecure IPS expanded into the commercial sector where similar security gaps exist within enterprise data centers, especially “hyper data centers.”

As commercial data centers grow, inherent networks require higher speeds that necessitate higher levels of encryption. Encryption, however, slows down bandwidth significantly; Rye explained that CyberSecure IPS’ hardware monitoring technology offers the same level of protection by ‘watching’ data traffic without interfering with it.

The company’s enterprise solution processes a comprehensive range of sensor data to monitor the entire cyber-physical environment. This provides insight into security and protection through a holistic, real-time dashboard that’s easy to use.

As a veteran, Rye said, creating military-grade security for commercial use is a vital mission in an increasingly dangerous world.

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