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Cyber Sensor Controller™ and Universal Cyber Sensors™

With an array of form factors, these sensors are the ideal Cyber-Physical Security solution for protecting any critical infrastructure or asset because they require no power or battery and are ruggedized for harsh conditions.

The CyberSecure IPS philosophy of Defense-In-Depth means we believe in protecting all aspects of infrastructure security.  Our Universal Cyber Sensors™ were designed with the stealthiest of intruders in mind.  Hence, our portfolio of sensors have numerous applications to protect critical access points such as manholes, handholes, NEMA enclosures, server cabinet doors and even floor tiles on a raised floor.  The sensors are unobtrusive, immune to Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI), and virtually impossible to circumvent.  The Universal Cyber Sensors™ are managed by the CyberSecure IMS™ platform.  With IMS™, providing the monitoring engine, these sensors can provide a level of security intelligence and granularity of data unavailable in the Cyber-Physical Security industry today. Dramatically increase the level of awareness and security posture by deploying our Cyber Sensors managed with all the smart features built into the CyberSecure IMS™ application.

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