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Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS

One of the most common and standard means to monitor for and detect abnormal activity for the network infrastructure of a military base or secure facility are visual inspections completed by staff.  This involves personnel routinely walking the premises and ensuring there are no evidences of tampering or attempts to disrupt or manipulate the network fiber pathways.  In accordance with the Committee on National Security Systems Instruction (CNSSI 7003), these pathways must be secured, either via a hard conduit system or alarmed using a monitoring system.  Per regulations, every activity and routine inspection must be documented and logged.  This manually intensive activity must be done daily, and in some installations, multiple times a day.  Needless to say, this method is both laborious and prone to human error.  In order to ensure compliance, audits called Cyber Command Readiness Inspection (CCRI) are performed for secure installations, and those sites that fail these inspections are required to have them addressed.

CyberSecure IPS has developed a solution to monitor the fiber network and pathways to detect and ultimately prevent intrusions on Layer 1 or physical infrastructure.  The Centrally Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS™ solution removes the human error and manual labor involved in monitoring the physical pathways to meet Government regulations. The Centrally Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS™ solution was specifically designed to perfectly meet CNSSI 7003 requirements and to pass CCRI audits.  When coupled with the StopLight™ solution, data ports that are found to be compromised due to an intrusion in the fiber pathway can automatically be shut off and daily testing of the Alarmed PDS system can be automated.

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