Secure Fiber Optic Data with StopLight™

CyberSecure StopLightThe CyberSecure IPS StopLight™ Optical Interface for Alarmed Carrier PDS disables data to fiber optic networks that are under attack. It also allows customers to automate the CNSI 7003-required alarm verification testing.

The StopLight™ is a remotely configurable fiber optic panel designed specifically to integrate into large-scale Alarmed Carrier PDS facilities to protect fiber optic networks that aren’t manned 24/7/365 when an afterhours alarms occur. The sensor instantly suspends data flow through fiber using a micro-optical shutter, preventing data interception during a breach.

Many facilities use Alarmed Carrier PDS and must comply with CNSSI 7003 regulations, which require daily inspections plus personnel response time must be less than 15 minutes from the time of an intrusion detection at all times. These measures impose staffing and scheduling challenges for organizations. Minimize costs for on-call security personnel and routine inspections with StopLight™. StopLight™ has been approved to extend the required response time up from 15 minutes to 24 hours with local DAAs.

Data Security Features:

  • Remotely configurable fiber optic panel
  • Designed for small-scale and large-scale Alarmed Carrier PDS facilities
  • CNSSI 7003 compliant
  • Can be ordered in 8, 16, 24, and 32-port models
  • Supports single-mode and multi-mode fiber interfaces on the same chassis
  • Individual on/off port switches for after-hours data security

StopLight™ isn’t just a powerful responsive tool during a data security breach. It serves in ongoing maintenance and attack prevention too. Facilities can set routine testing schedules and arrange auto-transmission of test reports via CyberSecure IMS. It’s capable of testing every fiber in a network. The system utilizes Micro-Optical Shutter Technology to simulate fiber damage during testing.

StopLight™ is an optional add-on. Other options that work with StopLight™ or independently include the Universal Cyber Sensor and Controller, and the new WatchLight™.

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CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS

The CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS solution is a fully compliant NSTISSI 7003 and AR 25-2 system with a Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.