CyberSecure (IMS) Infrastructure Monitoring System

CyberSecure IMSCyberSecure IMS shields network infrastructures from physical attacks on fiber networks for commercial customers. CyberSecure IMS Global is our government-approved security system. Through live remote central management, CyberSecure IMS protects physical networks with a user-friendly interface while complying with complex government and commercial industry requirements. CyberSecure IMS is on an open standard platform that allows a seamless rapid entry and simple integration into any existing third party network. (Adapts via dry contact relays or SNMP.) The system produces site-specific CNSSI 7003-compliant standard operating procedures, generates a unique case resolution audit trail, simplifies Information Assurance (IA) management and helps all customers pass Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI).

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Use CyberSecure IMS for inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) monitoring of fiber optic cables carrying critical information. The geospacial mapping technology applies to any facility need. Various levels of user privileges grant full administrative rights or view-only access to the system dashboard, which features an intuitive 30-Second Rapid Analysis Intelligent Interface. As its name implies, users can monitor a building or an entire building, base, campus, city or worldwide fiber optic network in under 30 seconds.

The system can protect thousands of users across a campus and secure LAN infrastructures all the way to the desktop:

  • Eliminate the need for daily Personal Visual Inspections (PVIs)
  • Limit access to classified information with the StopLight™ data shut-off option
  • Shorten inspection zones and provide location detection for fiber alarms with Universal Cyber Sensors™
  • Create full-scale audit trail of all user activity and alarms, virtually guaranteeing customer will pass CCRI inspections the first time, every time
  • Document intrusion location by redirecting security cameras and controlling door locks
  • Locate physical network intrusions and effectively direct response personnel with CyberSecure IMS mapping utilities. Secure OSP facilities up to 100s of miles.
  • Alert response teams with real-time text and email warnings. Data provided to alarm response teams includes video and digital images, combinations to locks, CAD drawings, standard operating procedures and special instructions.
  • Protect the most sensitive cables from being tampered with or compromised from the communications closest to the desktop

Common Applications:

  • Office building
  • Campus
  • Military facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Power plants
  • Financial institutions
  • State and local government manhole protection

CyberSecure IMS is a government-accredited centralized management platform. To learn more about the security system features and applications, and pricing, request a price list here.

CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS

The CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS solution is a fully compliant NSTISSI 7003 and AR 25-2 system with a Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.