Interceptor CS™

INTERCEPTOR CS™ centrally monitors and continually automates inspection and Standard Operating Procedures for response to any threat to your classified network infrastructure. It is the most cost-effective method for securing scalable classified network environments while having zero impact on your network bandwidth, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your Voice, Video, and Data investments.

Using patented technologies, INTERCEPTOR CS™ ensures the integrity and availability of network data by monitoring spare strands of fibers within optical cables making up the network infrastructure. This 24/7/365 continuous monitoring allows the system to immediately detect and report even the most subtle tampering or the most sophisticated intrusion attempts conducted for the purposes of data theft (tapping) or denial of service. With Plug-and-Protect™ capability, INTERCEPTOR CS™ can be rapidly added to new or existing network infrastructure and can be used in a variety of applications and network architectures. Fully comply with CNSSI 7003 regulations and easily pass CCRI audits with INTERCEPTOR CS™.

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