Motor Pool Perimeter Protection

The CyberSecure IPS Motor Pool Perimeter Protection System is a complete end to end software and hardware solution that will detect, protect and secure the perimeter fence surrounding motor pool locations with the ability to notify first response personnel immediately via phone, email and text when an intrusion attempt occurs and capture live video feeds using IP security cameras. (Ordering Information)

The CyberSecure IPS solution detects intrusion attempts at the fence line prior to the theft of assets.  The system is designed to monitor the fence line 24 hours a day 365 days per year in a manner that alleviates the need for on-site security force protection services.  The two primary advantages of the CyberSecure IPS solution are:

Theft Prevention

The CyberSecure IPS system detects intrusion attempts at the fence line before perpetrators have the opportunity to access the areas where assets are stored.  Preventing a single theft from occurring per year will generally cover the cost of the CyberSecure IPS system components.  The theft of U.S. Army assets can be extremely costly from a capital expenditure perspective and a major security risk for our allies when equipment carrying highly secure components becomes compromised.  The CyberSecure IPS system prevents thefts before they happen and notifies security forces when a fence line is breached before assets are compromised.

Personnel Safety

Dedicating physical security forces to patrol motor pool locations after hours atin high threat level environmentsinherently leads to the risk of altercation when intrusion attempts are detected on site.  This risk is real and is multiplied at locations where there have been multiple thefts.  The CyberSecure IPS system provides constant monitoring of all fence line locations which eliminates the need to have on-site security force personnel.  When an intrusion attempt is detected security forces are notified immediately and the intrusion attempt is captured live on video feeds using IP security cameras which allows them to arrive on site with full situational awareness.  The intruders are unaware that an alarm has been triggered and will be vulnerable once security forces arrive.  Installing the CyberSecure IPS system will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury for your site.


CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS

The CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS solution is a fully compliant NSTISSI 7003 and AR 25-2 system with a Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.