Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS

Government facilities and organizations that require a CNSSI 7003-compliant network security system can implement Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier Protected Distribution System (PDS). With dedicated 24/7 continuous monitoring and multiple options for customization and scalability, Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS can grow from a single pathway inside a building to hundreds of users inside a building, and on to an entire campus, and even a worldwide network. It can be tailored to fit refined or comprehensive security needs.

Organizations that maintain classified networks face operating challenges like Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRIs), staffing burdens for security personnel, expensive encryption devices, and maintenance of labor-intensive high-cost hardened carriers. For those who are about to navigate a CCRI, or who have recently failed a CCRI, our PDS is a solution. CyberSecure understands the challenges of CCRI, which is why our PDS was designed to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our PDS is a CNSSI 7003-compliant scalable CM-ACPDS solution that will ensure your organization passes CCRI the first time, every time and has successfully completed the Risk Management Framework accreditation process. Our system eliminates the excruciating labor costs of staffing human security escorts at facilities and removes the lengthy approval processes for conduit changes. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about CCRI preparedness.

The Committee on National Security Systems instructs installation, maintenance, and capability requirements for PDS. Organizations relying on PDS must operate an entirely compliant system, from the hardware and software, to periodic visual inspections (PVIs) and responses to security breaches. Requirements include production and approval of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in-person PVIs, and time-consuming operations dedicated to detection of tampers.

The Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS has been deployed throughout the government and satisfies CNSSI 7003 regulations while minimizing the costs for continuous compliant operations. Users of Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS qualify for several benefits, including:

  • Daily inspection exemption. Everyday staff inspections are not required. The continuous monitoring system replaces PVIs and allows efficient reallocation of staff and resources expenditures. The system is also an attractive solution to monitoring abandoned hardened carrier locations where PVIs may be unviable. Also, Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS helps bring existing PDS systems into compliance.
  • Response time flexibility. Without Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS, in-person alarm responses must occur within 15 minutes of an alarm. Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS deployments using the StopLight™ can extend the response deadline to 24 hours with local DAA approval, eliminating the obligation to have staff on call at a moment’s notice.
  • Operation flow. Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.

Security monitoring occurs from a single user-friendly dashboard. The interface identifies the exact location of a penetration, produces SOPs for the site, and captures the event in a detailed report.

Additional PDS Benefits:

  • Concealment. Since other PDS users must visibly inspect daily, secured buildings and spaces must move or install systems in plain view. Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS does not require daily inspections and instead can be installed out-of-sight within walls or floors.
  • Encryption replacement. For facilities that qualify, Alarmed Carrier PDS may be used as an alternative to Type 1 Encryption devices such as the TACLANE.
  • Single-port reach. Multiple offices can be supported by one port, reducing the costs that would be associated with other PDS that rely on port-per-office limitations.

Another benefit to using Centrally-Managed Alarmed Carrier PDS is the ability to add and remove security sensors as needed. Whether an organization is scaling back or expanding, they can rely on the same dedicated security system. No need to spend time and resources searching for an alternative PDS, installing a new system, and training staff. Request a price list.

CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS

The CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS solution is a fully compliant NSTISSI 7003 and AR 25-2 system with a Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.