Fiber Enclosure Sensors

Operating on a zero-power technology, Fiber Enclosure sensors are installed near conduits of fiber optic networks to monitor intrusion attempts. Using light to sense position, Fiber Enclosure sensors emit no signal and are immune to electromagnetic and radio interference. The sensors were developed with the same reliable monitoring capabilities as CyberSecure IPS’ existing suite of products, but that can be deployed in critical fiber enclosures.

Fiber Enclosure Security

If an intruder opens a fiber enclosure inside of a building, such as a zone box or cabinet, the sensor detects the attempt and immediately signals the CyberSecure IMS alarm dispatcher. Fiber Enclosure sensor placements are versatile and highly scalable. Multiple sensor sites detect and accurately map the exact site of tampering. The controller and management system instantly receive tan alert and provide an on-screen view of the intrusion site.

Simple Security Installation and Support

The Fiber Enclosure Sensors, like other CyberSecure IPS products, are not complicated to deploy. The controller installation occurs first, then sensors are added at desired sites. The final step is sensor configuration, which is remotely managed. Certain CyberSecure IPS support services are included in systems with Fiber Enclosure sensors.

Fiber Protection Pricing

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CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS

The CyberSecure IPS Alarmed Carrier PDS solution is a fully compliant NSTISSI 7003 and AR 25-2 system with a Certificate of Networthiness (CON) and Authority to Operate (ATO) in networks carrying data up to the TS/SCI level including SIPRNet, JWICS and in high threat level environments.