CyberSecure IPS Likes to Compete

January 4, 2020

The CyberSecure team spends most days working on the next great feature release or servicing our customers across 5 continents and multiple time zones.  When not working, our folks can be found at home spending time with their family and loved ones.  We also have team outliers who stretch the definition of R&R.  Steve, Bobby and Eddie like to rest up by pushing their physical limits to the edge via Spartan Races.  

For those willing to mentally and physically push to achieve their personal best, Spartan is a catalyst for transformation – pushing you beyond what you thought was possible..”  @Spartan (Hyperlink)


These guys can relate to the Spartan RaceTM taglines.  Their goal is personal improvement; these races provide a context for how hard they can go.  They like to push their own limits… and beyond.   In many ways, the race is an extension of their goals for work. 

“I believe that my work is all about facing challenges in security, specifically, cyber-physical security.  The bad guys are pushing the limits of what they can do to bring real damage to networks and even people. I don’t see much limit to  the potential for harm and my work is all about combatting threats with protections that rise to the challenge,” says Bobby.

Steve adds, “As a team, we travel the world facing a dichotomy of unprecedented advancement in IT, OT and fast, approaching IoT, all to be connected in seamless ways for the betterment of mankind.  Yet that progress is equaled by bad actors seeking to bring harm in multiple ways.  My work at CyberSecure was set in motion believing these threats should be faced with equal commitment to push the limits of cyber security protection, specifically in the physical dimension of a network environment.  I believe we make a difference.”

Eddie is the new guy on the Spartan team but as you can see from the pictures, his lack of experience is matched by his enthusiasm.  “Bring the rain.  Bring the rain,” he says. 

(Editors Note: Eddie is still recovering from his last race in the Fall). 

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We are the global leader in Unified Cyber-Physical ProtectionTM (UCP) solutions. We secure the most vulnerable yet overlooked areas of cyber security: attacks of physical network infrastructures and theft of critical network assets.

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