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Manhole Protection System

Underground infrastructure pathways reflect a ubiquitous and global presence to provide secure, high-speed communications to nearly every household, business, school, agency and military base in the world. Although these systems are highly critical in providing all forms of communications, they are among the least protected and most vulnerable infrastructure assets in the world. Major network outages are commonly caused by unintentional accidents (construction and maintenance projects) or malicious attacks (theft of copper or terrorism).  Hence, monitoring critical infrastructure access has never been more important.  These kinds of network outages can cost Government and Industry hundreds of millions of dollars each year in remedial costs, lost revenue, and productivity in addition to the potential harm to the general population.

The CyberSecure IPS Manhole Protection SystemSM (MPS) was designed to provide real-time monitoring of network infrastructure access points such as manholes, handholes, and NEMA enclosures over long distances utilizing zero-power fiber optic sensors.  Each sensor can detect Open/Close conditions, fiber loss (dB), fiber cuts as well as provide the ambient temperature at each sensor location.  The MPS solution offers the highest level of monitoring and protection in the world and is fully integrated with CyberSecure IMS™ to provide immediate dispatching when unauthorized access is detected.

The CyberSecure IPS Manhole Protection System is comprised of (3) components:

  1. CyberSecure Infrastructure Monitoring SystemSM (IMS)
  2. Universal Cyber SensorsSM
  3. Cyber Sensor ControllerSM

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